September 2022


  • APP - Audit Trails UI
  • APP - Added JSON Editor for Custom Expected Available in Device Settings
  • APP - Updated Included and Excluded Device List in the Smart Alert Settings
  • API - Improved experience for audit trails with pagination.
  • API - Reduce the number of new connections on RDS at deploy time
  • API - Added Expiration to New Accounts created on signup
  • API - Added Trail Records for the Token Owner when logging in
  • Agent - Added Install Support for Humble and Ubuntu 22


  • APP - Pilot Key Metrics - Made Content Scrollable
  • APP - Device Status in the Remote SSH Page will update in real time
  • APP - Zone Fleet Map Memory Leak
  • APP - Added Twist Handle to the Joystick Command for Pilot
  • API - Account Usage Updates to Stripe
  • API - Removing user from all user groups will not remove the user from the account