Managing a Fleet or Zone


  1. Click Fleets.
  1. You will be directed to your Fleet Management Dashboard.
  1. In each row, 3 action buttons are available depending on your role and permissions.

Delete (Garbage Icon)

Delete the Fleet or zone. Delete will be disabled if there are zones or devices nested inside.

Settings (Cog Wheel)

Will show settings of the Zone or Fleet. Review Step 4 for additional information.

View Sub Zones / View Devices

An action item that will navigate you to the sub zone or list of devices. Review Step 5 for additional information.

  1. Manage Zone Settings.
  1. Manage zone devices.

  2. When you are navigating to a zone with devices, you will see a list of devices.

Devices List

In the top right, you will find a Manage Devices and View Devices button.

Manage Devices

Opens a side drawer that will allow you to add or remove devices from the zone.

View Devices

Will navigate you the devices portal with the filtered zone. This will have a brief overview of alerts for the devices.

Devices Dashboard