Alerts: Overview


  1. Click Devices.
  1. Click Go To Device or the name of the device in the table row.
  1. From the side bar, click Settings. This will expand a list of device settings options.
  1. With Settings expanded, click Smart Alerts.


The Smart Alerts view will allow you to generate an alert that captures the time, resolution required, and description of the issue, so you and your team can work on resolving it as soon as possible.

Add Smart Alert Trigger

In the top right, you will have the ability to import smart alerts from another device. The other option is to create a new smart alert trigger.

When creating a smart alert trigger, a side panel will open up and give you a form to fill out.

Smart Alert Form

This form will be based on the Type selected. To learn how to make a specific type, refer to the documentation in the navigation panel. If you do not see instructions on a type, submit a request through [email protected]

Smart Alert Enable Buttons

In the second row, you can disable smart alerts from emitting and disable the radio emitter. The radio emitter can be disabled while enabling smart alerts to continue recording. It is a specific emitter that will be rolling into a smart notification.