Statistics and Analytics


Enterprise Only

This feature is under the enterprise plan only.

For the Freedom platform, statistics are hourly-aggregated, high-level numbers that describe the overall performance, quality, and state of a robot. They are specifically separate from real-time streamed data and are meant to be looked at over days and weeks. Think of them like the ending number for a stock market, or a high/low temperature for a day, rather than like real-time oscillations.

1. Statistics Definitions

Statistics provide information about individual and aggregate device performance over time. Freedom provides a number of pre-configured statistics, including uptime and downtime, that provide insight at levels ranging from an individual robot to an entire plant.

2. Dashboards

Dashboards provide snapshots into statistics aggregated over a set of devices and time. You can control the dashboard level to look at individual plants, shops, or processes. Each statistic is aggregated according to its definition.

Figure 1: DashboardFigure 1: Dashboard

Figure 1: Dashboard

3. Adding a Statistic

In order to add a statistic, click the Cog Wheel Icon in the top right. This will open a side navigation as shown in Figure 2. Here we can see Device Active is a measured statistic. In order to add a statistic, click Add New Statistic.

Figure 2: Dashboard SettingsFigure 2: Dashboard Settings

Figure 2: Dashboard Settings

In this window, we will create an Agent Connected Statistic to measure the amount of time the statistic has been connected. We will want to take an average of the statistics reported and show them in the graph.

Another option is sum which will collectively add all of the statistics that have been generated in the hour. This could be used to measure alerts or logs coming through the device.

Figure 3: Adding a New StatisticFigure 3: Adding a New Statistic

Figure 3: Adding a New Statistic

After adding the statistic, you should see it appear below the other statistics created.

Figure 4: Statistic Has Been AddedFigure 4: Statistic Has Been Added

Figure 4: Statistic Has Been Added

Finally the statistic will be updated to show in the dashboard, as seen in Figure 5.

Figure 5: Updated DashboardFigure 5: Updated Dashboard

Figure 5: Updated Dashboard

4. Reports

Reports are intended to show statistics in chart form to extract trends over time and between robots. Freedom Robotics enables reports through API integrations to PowerBI.