December 2022


  • APP - the active alerts on device page will poll every second now
  • APP - The zone map now provides a search filter for regions and locations
  • APP - added ui feedback to show automation projects were disabled
  • APP - created new landing page for a user accessing a page where they don't have permissions
  • APP - when an automation is created, it will be disabled by default
  • APP - the sign up flow for joining an existing team will redirect you to documentation for adding a user to that account
  • APP - added create trial account button in the paymnet plan step during the sign up flow
  • API - added agent feature to help block some pages in the view that don't use the agent
  • API - improved kafka and cassandra experience within staging enviornment
  • API - added agent feature to block some pages that were agent specific
  • API - Added support for OPC UA Task Type when working with automations
  • API - droppped the user role from the permissions table. They have been replaced with user groups.
  • Agent - Added Humble Support


  • APP - the fleet map legend will only show devices that are acitevely in that zone
  • APP - Added guards for relocalization in the device pilot view
  • APP - there was an issue with saving advanced configurations
  • API - hotfix for deployment updates with validating a service configuration