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You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Freedom Robotics as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

For guides to setting up a device and using Freedom's core features, choose Get Started. If you'd prefer to jump in by yourself, choose Reference for detailed interface specifications.

Get Started    API Reference


Time to complete: 5 minutes

This guide will help you set up your first robot so you can get to the good stuff: customized dashboards, automatic alerting, remote operation, and more!

To complete this section, all you need is a Freedom account, an internet connection, and your robot.

Meet the Freedom Agent

The Freedom Agent is what makes the magic happen.

In more technical terms, the Agent is an on-device daemon (Linux system service) and set of programming interfaces (ROS, Python, Protobuf, and REST) that enable secure two-way communication and full-stack introspection of the compute system and connected sensors of your robot. This allows you to access to your robot and its data from anywhere with an internet connection.

System Requirements

Platforms: Ubuntu 14.04+, MacOS, or Windows. Not listed? Please reach out.
Architecture: 32 or 64 bit; Intel/AMD X86; Arm7+ (Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA, etc.)
Connectivity: WiFi and/or Cellular 3G+
Software: Python 2.7 or 3.6+ and Numpy

Install in a single line of code

To get started, log in to the Freedom App and click GET STARTED on the left sidebar. Follow the prompts, and you'll be rewarded with a custom curl command to install the Agent on your robot.

The curl command will look like this:

curl -s "" | python

Copy the command from the Freedom App and run the command on your robot. Congratulations! The Agent is now installed.

If you run into any installation issues, take a look at the Installation Help guide. If you're still stuck, please reach out.


Now that the Agent is installed, you can see your robot in the Freedom App. It's time to start uploading data!

Freedom is designed to be language-agnostic. You can use Python, ROS, Protobuf, or our REST API to connect to and communicate with your robot.

To continue, please choose from the following:

Debian Troubleshooting

Debian doesn't have sbin $PATH so you will need to add it yourself.
( WE SHOULD INCLUDE A SNIPPIT OF CODE to show how/where to do that)

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