January 2023


  • API - added capability to restart individual service
  • API - can return specific daemon related statuses now
  • API - improved auto vacuuming to allow alerts to be cleared under date conditions which were slowing down our system
  • APP - added form card for the relocalization topic
  • APP - added expiration input to the pilot commands
  • APP - service type is searchable when adding a new service to a deployment
  • APP - automation conditions will auto scroll to the item selected
  • APP - added support for dragging and dropping region corners on fleet map
  • APP - added more user telemtry to device, automations, and deployment pages
  • APP - enhanced smart notification phone number input


  • API - fixed logic to calculate expected available
  • APP - removed the tooltips from the app side navigation
  • APP - the application will send the correct payload for the /joy now
  • APP - fixed bug around exporting alert sub properties to csv and targeted data property
  • API - fixed server errors with dynamoDB to increase API performance