Adds custom statistics for a device for each hour. These statistics could be anything the user needs to define of almost any type. Bear in mind that all the statistics are stored by name and time rounded by hour, so any new statistic will overwrite whatever is already in the same hour.

Example Payload:

    "statistic": "agent_connected",
    "utc_time": 154320000.0,
    "value": 60.0,
    "denominator": 60.0,
    "statistic": "device_active",
    "utc_time": 154320000.0,
    "value": 55.0,
    "denominator": 60.0,
  • utc_time - should be seconds since 1970 UTC. It will be rounded to the hour by the API, so if you send to messages of the same statistic, different utc_time but from the same hour, the latest will override the former.
  • statistic - the statistic name, will be used as a unique key.
  • value - the value of the statistic for that hour. Valid types are int, float, bool, str.
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