List all users associated with the account (that have any access permission on the specified account).

Returns a JSON array of dictionaries of the attributes for each user who is visible to this user's current token.

Each user has a minimum set of attributes:

        "accounts": ["A3223423423423234"], 
        "user": "[email protected]"
        "accounts": ["A3223423423423234"], 
        "user": "[email protected]"

Endpoint supports next query strings:

  • attributes - a list of attributes to be returned by the API for each user, will get all if not specified.
  • search_keys - a list of attribute names on which to search each corresponding word from search_words
  • only next attributes are supported: user, first_name and last_name.
  • search_words - a list of same length as search_keys list, containing a word to be searched for each of keys mentioned.
  • word #x will be searched only in key #x
  • we will consider an alert to match if any of the search word #x in key #x matches.
  • if needed same search key can be mentioned multiple times, with different corresponding search words

The endpoint supports ordering and pagination, so you can use also order_keys, order_directions, page_size and page query strings.

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