This is normally only called by the device

Adds one or more elements of data for the device, such as logs, debugging, commands, etc in JSON form as a JSON array of dictionaries. It is automatically used by the ROS Mission Control package to upload correctly formatted data. You can also add more data here if you would like to extend your data collection.

Example Payload:

    "platform": "ros",
    "utc_time": 1626463074,
    "topic": "/rosout_agg",
    "type": "rosgraph_msgs/Log",
      {"firstData": "Some data here..."}


    utc_time should be seconds since 1970 UTC type - should be a well known name for the type of data which fully defines the data element data - should be an element, array or dictionary specified by the type platform - should be in the set of ['ros', 'mission_control_link', 'mission_control_controller'] which have specific details for each type Size - Each data element can be up to 300 KB in size (including any base 64 or other encoding) One or more messages can be uploaded at once and are usually uploaded in real-time if there is a connection. If there is no connection and the data is being replayed, please chunk the data array into multiple lists and upload them sequentially, keeping each request under 10 MB
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