This deletes all data which has been recorded and can not be undone.

Deletes the subset of data specified in the time window. You can use UTC seconds since 1970 or relative times. For UTC seconds please only use the value without appending a suffix. Example: /data?utc_start=1511187927.16

For relative times, please see more information below on which different suffixes are available.

Relative times:

  • now - Current time
  • XXs - Number of seconds before now
  • XXm - Number of minutes before now
  • XXh - Number of hours before now
  • XXd - Number of days before now
  • XXw - Number of weeks before now
  • XXM - Number of months before now


  • If you have gigabytes of data, please do the deletes in chunks. If they take more than 1 minute to complete, they will fail
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