Returns the content to be saved in credentials file, generating a new token specific to this account and device.

Usage: Download the content and save it on the robot as file ~/.config/freedomrobotics/credentials or, on the robot, run next line of code, replacing in the URL your account and device IDs and your user token and secret.

install_elements - A comma separated list of install elements/tasks. Via this list the installer will know what to install and what not. Supported element values and their purpose:

  • no_credentials - will skip the creation of the credentials file
  • no_ros - will not try to integrate with ROS
  • no_ssh - will skip the ssh and its dependencies installation and setup for remote access
  • debug_fail - will force the installer fail at the end
  • warn_no_fail - will make the installer return success exit code (0) even if there were some warnings encountered
  • service_none - will not install the freedomrobotics service
  • service_initd - forces the setup of freedomrobotics service using initd
  • service_systemd - forces the setup of freedomrobotics service using systemd
  • webrtc - will install WebRTC dependencies
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