Returns an install script specific to this account and device giving it an access token, verifying prerequisites for installation such as OS, CPU architecture, ROS version, etc to allow a single line install and setup of a new device.

Optional Url Parameters:

  • verbose - Show full details of all install commands. Values are true or false. Defaults to false if not included.
  • code_branch - Installs the latest version from a specific branch in the set of master, qa, release. Defaults to release if not specified. If no branch of that name has releases for the platform, it returns an error.
  • code_version - Installs a specific version specified by the string such as version=0.1.45 if it exists for the specified platform and branch. Defaults to latest if not included. Otherwise returns an error if version does not exist for branch.
  • install_elements - A comma separated list of install elements/tasks. Via this list the installer will know what to install and what not. Supported element values and their purpose:
    • no_credentials - will skip the creation of the credentials file
    • no_ros - will not try to integrate with ROS
    • no_ssh - will skip the ssh and its dependencies installation and setup for remote access
    • debug_fail - will force the installer fail at the end
    • warn_no_fail - will make the installer return success exit code (0) even if there were some warnings encountered
    • service_none - will not install the freedomrobotics service
    • service_initd - forces the setup of freedomrobotics service using initd
    • service_systemd - forces the setup of freedomrobotics service using systemd
    • webrtc - will install WebRTC dependencies
  • auto_install_deps - set it to true if you want the installer to deal automatically with installation of dependencies like pip, python3, ffmpeg and other libraries, instead of failing the execution because the dependencies are not met.
  • ppa_is_allowed - set it to true if you agree to install precompiled software/libraries from Freedom Robotics PPA. This works only if auto_install_deps is also true, and can install python3, libsrtp2 and ffmpeg libraries.
  • webrtc_local_port - with this you can specify a custom port for the port internaly use by WebRTC. By default it is 5540.
  • disabled_measurements - the list of measurements supported by the agent to be disabled and so to reduce resources usage. Supported values: "resources", "platform", "ros", "processes", "network", "webrtc"..


  • Verifies pre-requisites for installation such as operating system, CPU architecture, permissions, ROS or other installations
  • Updates or installs Mission Control ROS package
  • Verifies ROS can see mission control
  • Shows a usage document on the command line
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