API Timeout Possible

Depending on the device upload rates, the API could be trying to send back tens of thousands of table rows. To prevent the API from timing out, please keep in mind the range of utc_start and utc_end specified.

Returns the subset of data specified in the time window. You can use UTC seconds since 1970 or relative times. For UTC seconds please only use the value without appending a suffix. Example: /data?utc_start=1511187927.16

For relative times, please see more information below on which different suffixes are available.

Without utc_start parameter in the URL the call returns the last minute as default. This is normally called by a viewer in real-time or to retrieve log data from the past.

Relative times:

  • now - Current time
  • XX - Number of seconds before now (1511187927)
  • XXm - Number of minutes before now (-1m)
  • XXh - Number of hours before now (-2h)
  • XXd - Number of days before now (-3d)
  • XXw - Number of weeks before now (-4w)
  • XXM - Number of months before now (-6M)

Pagination Formatting:

Below is an example of a payload where 100 seconds of data have been requested, and roughly 10 seconds were returned because that was the maximum allowed for the payload. The requester can use the returned_utc_end as the next starting point to request more data.


  • 100 MB max upload at a time
  • 30 second max API processing time
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