Returns all the statistics for a device within the specified range of params utc_start and utc_end in CSV format. If those are not present will return the data for today from the hour 0 until the 7 days ago.

Relative times:

  • now - Current time
  • -XXs - Number of seconds before now
  • -XXm - Number of minutes before now
  • -XXh - Number of hours before now
  • -XXd - Number of days before now
  • -XXw - Number of weeks before now
  • -XXM - Number of months before now
  • -XXY - Number of months before now

Values for the statistics are presented each in its own column, alphabetically ordered and having statistic. as a prefix to their name (as column name).

The rows of the resulting csv will be ordered first by utc_time and then by

CSV response will include some extra columns like: and, a human readable time and zones tree path (we use -> between a prent zone name and a child zone name), here is an example:

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