This is archived change logs. Archived change logs will show any Freedom updates from more than 6 months ago.

May 2022


  • APP - Command Center to facilitate navigation and using the app was added to support users.
  • APP - customers can configure a default zone map without needing Freedom support
  • API - Added users * actions for zone administrators


  • APP - put in a catch for the reports csv download
  • API - ignore duplicated alerts on broadcast instead of sending malformatted notification

April 2022

New App Migration Impacts

Note: Depending on your account type, you may not have access to all of these features. If you see something you don’t have and you’re interested in upgrading, please reach out to us to discuss next steps. ([email protected])


  • APP - Setup automation projects for controlling robot fleets with rules, conditions, and tasks
  • APP - View a heatmap of alerts in the fleet map
  • APP - Create locations and regions in your fleet map to assist with automating their fleets
  • APP - Customizable Dashboards on the Stream Page to Tailor unique user experiences
  • APP - Configure the device’s expected availability
  • APP - Import/Export device settings from other devices
  • API - Encodes url params when the user is signing in now
  • API - New signup endpoints support creating an account
  • Freedom CLI - support for retrieving device info and looping through data with start/end times

Fixes & Improvements

  • APP - UX Improvements for navigating through zone alerts, maps, reports, and statistics
  • APP - UX Improvements to Pilot Experience
  • APP - Updating Sign up Flow user experience
  • APP - Better webRTC stability while piloting a device
  • APP - Lidar and navigation goals are more consistent with a higher refresh rate from 0.25Hz to 1Hz
  • APP - Pages will use SWR to cache pages and create a better experience for user navigation.
  • API - Audit trail endpoints will not timeout as frequently with large queries
  • API - Install script that was causing webrtc dependencies aoirtc build to fail has been fixed
  • API - Fix Region Lookups
  • API - Allow new user to get its own details with no account associated
  • API - Dropped OFL to GPS conversion done at the api level


  • APP - Local Scripts and ROS Shadow will not be in the next APP. However, the API will support it
  • APP - Token Page has been removed. The API still supports token management.
  • APP - Switched Intercom Support to Email Support embedded in the App (or email [email protected])

March 2022


  • API - Added support for groups that will allow users to assign user access specific to zone level.
  • API - Users can set up shifts in the API and sort by the active shift in the alerts report.
  • APP - Users can send customer support tickets from the app sidebar.
  • APP - Added autocomplete to assist with the automation workflow.


  • API - Fixed a bug where emails were not emitting when the smart alert triggered.
  • API - Fixed device usage endpoint which was returning error: Dictionary changed size during iteration.

February 2022


  • API - Users can copy settings to other devices with a new Device Copy Endpoint.
  • API - Created a topic known structure that will allow you to fetch all topics published by the device.
  • APP - Introduced logic around preventing duplicate automation variable names and adding checks when deleting them.
  • APP - Users can use the Zones Map Annotations Studio to create regions and locations.
  • Users have more support with filters in Alert Reports


  • API - Calculating device statistics and returning the downtime occurrence that matches the number of alerts.
  • APP - Updated stream page features to improve performance.

January 2022


  • API - You can return the last message for each topic using the property 'one_message_per_topic.'
  • API - Users have access to a new endpoint for user creation. It will control the groups that a user belongs to.
  • APP - Launched the new pilot experience in beta
  • APP - You have access to new groupings on the alerts summary page.


  • API - Updates to the agent installer to support python two and python 3.6 installation dependencies.