Fleet Map: Overview


  1. On the left side nav, click Fleets .
  1. Click Maps.
  1. You will be directed to all maps. Select the Map you want to view, click Go To Map.
  1. You will be navigated to the map experience.

Add a Fleet Map

  1. To add a map, you will need to navigate to the Fleets.
  2. Select the sub zone you want to add a map too.
  3. Click the Map Icon in the Zone Table Row.
  1. This will direct you to a map view page. In the top right click Configure Map {zone name}. There you will find instructions for adding a map. For example:


On the fleet map, you have the ability to change the fleet map you are viewing, edit settings, and view different types of view on the heatmap.

Fleet Map Mission Control

From this top bar, you can change the fleet map you are viewing. Click the input to bring down a list or start editing the name.

The settings button is to the right of the name input. It will open a side menu that will allow you to alter the mapbox url, gps center coordinates and default zooms.

By clicking on a device, a window will appear showing more details about the device. It will show the name, statue, any active alerts, and a button to navigate to the device's alerts.

Fleet Map Filters

All Devices

Shows all devices that are expected to be available.

Faulted Devices

Will only show devices that have faulted with a warning or higher severity.


Will show a heatmap of the alerts triggered by all of the devices in the zone.




Alert Level

The severity of the alert (info, warn, error, or fatal )


Time Range

The window of time in which the alerts are retrieved starting from the time the page was loaded to the value.

I.e From now to 1 day ago.

One Day

Alert Name

A name filter that allows you to control the specific alert represented on the map.


Heat Index

Two options: Quantity or Duration, will show how the alerts are represented on the map.

Quantity will sum the alert based on number of occurrences. Duration will aggregate the alerts based on elapsed time. It also has an additional parameter to specify the minimum time an alert must have existed for to show up on the map