At Freedom, we want to help you be successful in managing your factory. In order to provide that support we have created a fleet map view. In the fleet map, you have the ability to view your devices with a birds eye view, monitor/manage the status of devices in real time, identify problem areas by developing heatmap reports, and many more features!


  1. On the left side nav, click Fleets .
  1. Click Maps.
  1. You will be directed to all maps. Select the Map you want to view, click Go To Map.
  1. You will be navigated to the map experience.

Fleet Map Mission Control

From this top bar, you can change the fleet map you are viewing. Click the input to bring down a list or start editing the name.

The settings button is to the right of the name input. It will open a side menu that will allow you to alter the mapbox url, gps center coordinates and default zooms.

By clicking on a device, a window will appear showing more details about the device. It will show the name, statue, any active alerts, and a button to navigate to the device's alerts.

Centering a Device on the Fleet Map

To the right of a device is a "center icon". Clicking this will center the device on the fleet map.

Fleet Feature List



All Devices

Shows all devices that are expected to be available.

Faulted Devices

Will only show devices that have faulted with a warning or higher severity.


Will show a heatmap of the alerts triggered by all of the devices in the zone.

Annotations Studio

Displays the Regions and Point of Interests within the Zone Map.


The map can become quite crowded with every feature showing. You have the ability to control which feature shows by updating the feature list in the top right. For example, selecting Regions will show the list of regions.

And de-selecting Devices the map will not show the devices from the field of view.