Device Settings: Send Commands


Within device settings, users can send commands, launch ROS files, and execute local scripts from within the device.

To publish a message, you can search inside the input. It will show a list of topics that the device has published. You can also enter a custom topic.


After selecting the topic, a JSON editor will appear. This JSON editor will be the agent's payload to communicate to your subscriber node.


ROS Launch

A user has the ability to launch ROS files from their device piggybacking off the commands API. You can add, edit, or delete your ROS launch files from this view.


When adding a launch file, you will need to provide the Package Name, Launch File Name, and any ROS params.


Local Scripts

To provide better control to your device, you can execute scripts without needing to SSH into the device. We expose the the commands endpoint so you can target the scripts. From this page, you can edit, delete, or run the local script.


When adding a local script, you must provide the package name, script path, and any arguments the script will need to execute correctly.