Alerts: Overview


  1. Click Fleets.
  1. Click Alerts.
  1. Click the input.
  1. This will allow you to filter for a zone or select one from the dropdown list.
  1. After selecting a dropdown, you will be navigated to the Alerts Page for that Zone.


You have the ability to filter alerts, view from specific date ranges, investigate specific alerts, and download alerts in csv format.

Filter Options

Count by

The first filter is "Count by". This filter will sum the alerts by the choice specified. The following options to count by are the name, description, and level of the alerts.

Group summary by

The next filter is "Group summary by". This filter will alter the x-axis of the histogram. The following options to group by are the created at timestamp and the device name.

Summary time

The next filter is "Summary time". This filter will update the time window in which you want to retrieve alerts. The following options are today, one, day, one week, one month, or a custom date range.

With these filters you can generate various histograms and review the specific zone alerts in a table.

Download Alerts

In the top right corner, there is a button to generate alerts.


Download Alerts Cap

Currently a list of alerts that exceed 10,000 will not be downloadable.

Alert Action buttons

In the table, each alert will have two actions:

  • Resolve / Resolved : Notifies the user that alert is unresolved and can be manually resolved or the alert is already resolved.
  • Go To Alert: Will navigate you to the alert details of that alert