Stream Tab

Configuring the stream tab for monitoring a robot

Deep observability of your robots is vital for understanding their status and delivering a high-quality product and experience. Freedom implements this in 3 key ways:

1. Logging: Data available in the cloud in real-time, organized efficiently by device, time, topic, and type.

2. Visualizations: Past and present data from your robot displayed in customizable dashboards and intelligent visualizations built for understanding and analysis.

3. Sharing: Data and dashboards shared across your team to allow everyone to get started in seconds, plus API access and integrations with external systems.


Customized dashboards and intelligent visualizations let you monitor your robot in real-time.

A status showing "expected available" will be in the time toolbar underneath the device's status. This will highlight to the operator whether the device is active when it should be and if the device is active when it should not be.


If the operator or user sees the device is active and it is not expected to be available, the user can follow up and investigate why.


What’s Next

Now that you know how Freedom delivers observability for your robots, we'll walk through how to set up and use the tools Freedom provides.