Deployments and Services


  1. In the side-nav, click the Projects button.

  1. You will be directed to the deployments page where you can manage the server, automation projects, fleet services, and zone.


ServerConfigure what machine your deployment is running on
Automation ProjectsThe rules that drive/manage your devices in the zone
Fleet ServicesDetermine what type of devices you control, manage, and monitor devices. These services create interoperability within your factory.
ZoneDrives what type of services and automations you can attach to the deployment


Services are on-prem containers that will execute single responsibilities ranging from running automations, communicating with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) APIs, handling alerts, and much more.

RestartWill Restart the Service On-Prem
Settings IconOpens a Modal to configure the service's settings. To see the available Services and their settings, navigate here.