Resolve an Alert

You've done a great job generating alerts. Now it's time to start resolving them. Let's walk through the workflow to view, investigate, and resolve an alert.

View active alerts

The overview page shows a summary of the number and type of active alerts, letting you assess the health of your robot or fleet at a glance.

Investigate an alert

Let's investigate the alert you generated. Click FATAL to show a list of all robots with FATAL alerts. You should see one alert for your robot.

Click to select the robot. On the right sidebar, you'll see two tabs: OVERVIEW and ALERTS. Click the ALERTS tab.

Click on title of the alert to see more details. Next, close the Alert Info window and click the INVESTIGATE button. You are now viewing the data stream starting from the moment the alert was generated. This full-stack replay can help you diagnose the issue and understand what went wrong.

Resolve an alert

In the device dashboard, Select the Status tab, then click the RESOLVE button. Leave a descriptive comment to help your team understand what happened, then click RESOLVE SMART ALERT.

Head back to the overview page, and you'll see that no FATAL alerts remain. Success! You've resolved your first alert.

What’s Next