Configuring WebRTC Settings

WebRTC is a real-time connection and each device can have specific settings to control the frame rate, bandwidth, and resolution. By default the recommended settings are set to 5FPS, 300 KB/s, and a resolution of 640 x 480.


Increasing the FPS or Resolution will increase bandwidth consumption

If one property is raised, it is suggested that another property is lowered to compensate. WebRTC can be extremely taxing on the device.

How do I configure WebRTC settings?

  • Select your device and navigate to SETTINGS β†’ PILOT β†’ Connection
  • Scroll Down to View WebRTC Settings.

The first option defined the maximum fps for webrtc. FPS is an acronym for frames per second. It sets the maximum frames that will refresh in one second. An important note, max FPS may not be reached. It depends on your system and bandwidth.


WebRtc Max Bandwidth will set a limit for the bandwidth for the video stream. This limit is the maximum data transfer rate of a network or Internet connection.


Max resolution will be the pixel ratio in the pilot view.


WebRtc direct video source will allow the user to specify the video file, rtsp, or webcam that the user is using. Real Time Streaming Protocol (rtsp) is an abstraction layer that shares the communication by streaming media without actually transmitting data. RTSP will communicate with the server to deliver a live video stream.

An example of inputs could be:

  • /dev/video0 (webcam feed)
  • rtsp://admin:[email protected]/unicast/c2/s2/live (rtsp where the admin and 12345 is the username and password respectively)