Pilot Tab

Configuring your robot for remote tele-operation

Prerequisites: To use the following features, please complete the 5-minute install.

Freedom's pilot features give operators the ability to remotely drive, control, and operate both mobile and stationary robots. Freedom enables you to remotely operate your robot in five key ways:

1. Commands: Send commands to your robot while viewing video feeds and monitoring the state of key metrics.

2. Driving: Easily drive mobile robots using an onscreen joystick, your keyboard, or a game controller while viewing low-latency video and LiDAR feeds.

3. Navigate with a map: Relocalize your robot, send navigation waypoints, and observe your robot navigate in an integrated 2D and 3D map-based view.

4. Navigate with GPS: Visualize the location of your robot on a map and navigate by sending GPS-based waypoints to your robot.

5. Video click interactions: Click on the video feed to send the coordinates of that point in the image to your robot.


ROS Ready

These features are tuned to work out-of-the-box with ROS 1 and 2, but also work with all other platforms based on the same message definitions.