Freedom Agent Troubleshooting

Freedom's standard installation process is covered in the Install guide. Additional resources are available in this section to help with non-standard installations.

If you encounter any problems during installation, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Common Install Issues

Missing permission for Pip .local directory

If you do not have permission to your local pip directory (ex: If Pip was installed as sudo), Python can not install the freedom package in the user space.

The below command will allow your current user to have access to the directory. Please run it and then re-run installation.

user chown -R $USER: ~/.cache/pip ~/.local

Library libavdevice version XX.X.XXX is available, but libavdevice>=57 is needed.

If you see this error, you will need to install the latest version of libavdevice onto your machine. It is advised you use your package manager to download and install packages.

sudo apt install libavdevice-dev

Asking for too much data at a time

If you see an error along the lines of "Requested data is greater than 6M" then you have asked for too much data at once. Good news! Our /data GET endpoint allows pagination in the docs and that will make it where they don't get those errors. You just add


to the URL parameters and it returns only up to the max amount it can and then tells you to start from there.