To better organize your devices we offer the capability of fleets and zones. Fleet are the top level in the organization chart. They usually hold zones and zones can group other zones or hold devices.

You can organize your devices based on your grouping preference: location, robot type, etc. In this document, we will explore fleet management capabilities such as adding/removing devices to a zone and adding or deleting a zone.

Within this page, we will focus on the Manage section of the Fleets Manager. This page will give you the ability to add new zones or dive into the zone's alerts, maps, reports, and statistics. For more information on zone features, you can refer to the links below:


  1. Click Fleets.
  1. You will be navigated to the fleet management dashboard.
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Create Zone

On the top right corner of the zones management page, you will have the ability to add a zone or navigate to the devices list.


Generic Zone Row

Below is a generic row for a Zone. We will review the list of features available on this card.


Zone Action Buttons

Underneath the Zone Name is a series of icons. These icons will help you navigate to that zones features. Starting from the left:

Zone FeatureDescription
AlertsNavigates to that Zone's Alerts which will show histogram of alerts based on name, description, or severity. You can download the alerts based on the time range too.
Map or Add MapPresent the Fleet Map of the Zone. If no fleet map exists, then a form to request a fleet map for the zone will be presented to you.
ReportsA view that will allow you to construct reports based on statistics captured in the zone. You can export raw statistic data as well.
StatisticsWill show graphs and allow you to see at the zone and device level the aggregated statistics you have set per device.

Zone Settings Buttons

To the right of the zone name and action buttons are the settings and delete icon for the zone

SettingsOpens up the settings of the zone. If it is a zone with a sub zone beneath it, you will see options to set the name, a select for determining its parent zone, and a description you can give it. This is also where you delete the zone.
DeleteA quick action to delete the zone. A zone cannot be deleted if it contains sub zones or devices


Deleting a zone

A targeted zone cannot be deleted if a subzone or device is inside that target zone.


Zone Navigation Buttons

When you see this button, that means you have zones within that parent zone. Clicking it will navigate you to those list of sub zones. The breadcrumb trail will be updated to represent Fleets > Subzone A > etc.


If you have devices in that sub zone, the button will be updated to say view devices. Clicking this will navigate you to the list of devices within that zone.