Reporting App Issues

The following information will help us resolve issues as speedily as possible.

Key information

At a minimum, please provide the following:

  1. Overview
    • What happened? What went wrong?
    • What were you expecting to happen?
  2. Account, device, and URL
    • Account name
    • Device ID
    • URL in the App where the issue occurred
  3. Contact info
    • Name
    • Email
    • Company

Supplemental information

Providing this additional information can help us resolve issues more quickly:

  1. Screen capture and replay
    • Screen recording of the issue occurring
    • Screenshot of the app after the issue occurred
    • Replay URL for the device at the time the issue occurred
  2. Browser, OS, and connectivity
    • Browser name and version
    • OS name and version
    • Type and quality of internet connection (wired, WiFi, cellular, etc.)
  3. Replicability
    • Can you recreate the bug?
    • Does it happen every time, or are there conditions where it works properly?
    • Is it fixed when you try a different browser or computer?
    • Did it occur right after a significant event on the device or network?