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Get Started    API Reference

Python Module

Reference for using Freedom Robotics Link with pure Python (non-ROS).

Supported Versions:

  • Python 2.7
  • Python 3.6+


#!/usr/bin/env python
from import Link

# Connect to the SDK using credentials
freedom = Link(name="core")

Send Data


freedom.log("info", "Low power")

Log levels:

  • INFO
  • WARN

Send a Message

This is a core method of Link and adds a message with a defined topic name and type to the queue to be synchronized with the cloud:

freedom.message("/topic", "topic_type", {"key": "value"} )

Send an Image

#!/usr/bin/env python
from import Link
import cv2

# Connect to the SDK using credentials
freedom_link = Link(name="core")

# Use CV2 to load an image as <type 'numpy.ndarray'>
image = cv2.imread('/users/me/Desktop/image.jpg')

# image.shape is assumed to be (height, width, channel depth)

# Upload the image to a topic name to Freedom.
freedom_link.image('/camera/front', image)

Receive Commands

#!/usr/bin/env python
from import Link

def callback(msg):

# Connect to the SDK using credentials
freedom_link = Link(name="core", command_callback=callback)

You can receive commands from the App through Pilot mode, Commands, and other places, or trigger them programmatically through the API by sending them to /commands on the data endpoint.

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Python Module

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