The heatmap feature reduces operator time spent troubleshooting their line. It lets them focus on the problem areas of their factory and quickly plan out how to resolve them.

This heatmap provides a heat index by the alerts' number and location. Below is an example of what a fleet map with the heatmap filter turned on:


The heatmap form has the following form elements:

Alert LevelThe severity of the alert (info, warn, error, or fatal )Warn
Time RangeThe window of time in which the alerts are retrieved starting from the time the page was loaded to the value.

I.e From now to 1 day ago.
One Day
Alert NameA name filter that allows you to control the specific alert represented on the map.All
Heat IndexTwo options: Quantity or Duration, will show how the alerts are represented on the map.

Quantity will sum the alert based on number of occurrences. Duration will aggregate the alerts based on elapsed time. It also has an additional parameter to specify the minimum time an alert must have existed for to show up on the map