Device Management


  1. Click Devices.
  1. You will navigated to the device list. This will show all devices that have been added to the account. In the middle window are filters to control what type of devices you would want to see.


Device Filters

The following filters available to you are shown below:

Device Side Panel

By default the first device in the list is selected and will populate the right side panel. The side panel tells you the name of the device, status (Online / Offline), and if any alerts exist have been triggered for the device.

In the top right of this side panel is a cog wheel, and when clicked, it will navigate you to that Device's Settings Page. From there you can manage a device's smart alerts, agent version, key metrics, and much more.

The overview tab will show the live video feed from the device if accessible. The key metrics for the device will be visible in the tab. They are usually key data points that the operator needs to see at a glance to determine a robot's state.