Projects house your account's automations and variables. This portion of the web module is accessible to through the Enterprise plan. To navigate to the account's list of projects, you can click on the left side nav Projects.


After navigating to Projects, you will see a list of projects under your account. You can configure a project, allowing you to edit variable values or see the list of automations in that project. If you know the specific automation you are looking for, you can navigate to the studio and search for the single automation you wish to edit.


The project variables can be used across multiple automations, so you do not have to edit many automations for a change across the entire factory. By creating a shared variable, you can speed up your troubleshooting time, apply changes quickly, and reduce operator time managing automations. Variables can have three types, as described in the table below:




This is a string type and will pass text through to the API.


Shorthand for number. This will pass an integer value to the API.


Shorthand for Boolean. The only values available through bool are True/False