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Customize Dashboards

Dashboards are a great way to understand the status of your robot at a glance. With Freedom, you can easily create and save customized dashboards that provide you with a specific view of your robot's data.

Video walkthrough

For an overview of usage and best practices for Freedom's customizable dashboards, you can check out the following walkthrough.

View your dashboard

You can view your dashboard by navigating to your device and clicking STREAM in the left sidebar. When you first visit this page, you'll see a visualization for each of your topics in real-time.

A dashboard for a mobile robot might look like this:

Customize your dashboard

We take care of selecting the best visualization for each type of data. For example, location data is shown on a map, while numerical data like battery voltage is shown as a time course on a graph.

Each topic has options that allow you to configure the dashboard. Take a look at the icons to the right of each topic name.

These icons allow you to:

1. Select a data display format (e.g. graph, JSON, or plaintext)
2. Pin the topic to the top of the dashboard
3. View the topic in full screen
4. (Graphs only) Specify the units, scale, and type of line
5. Expand or collapse the topic visualization

Depending on how many topics you're currently synchronizing, your dashboard might look overwhelming. To get started, try pinning the most important topics to the top of the dashboard and collapsing the visualizations for topics you rarely need to view.

Save and share a dashboard

Some views are great for development or debugging, while others are most useful for operators monitoring robots in the field. Let's save a custom dashboard.

First, arrange the data you want in a way that makes sense for your specific task. Click the dropdown at the bottom left of the screen that says UNSAVED and choose SAVE AS NEW DASHBOARD.

Fill in the dashboard's name and description and click SAVE. Now you or anyone else on your team can view the dashboard you created! You can create as many dashboards as you like.

To delete a dashboard, navigate to TEAM SETTINGS in the MENU on the top right.

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Customize Dashboards

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