Create Replays

Have you ever wished you could go back in time to see exactly what went wrong (or right!) with your robot? One of Freedom's most powerful features is the ability to view and share data from your robot from any period in time.

Travel back in time

First, you'll need to decide what data you want to view. At the bottom of the STREAM page, you'll see the controls to select a dashboard, date, number of columns, and time period to display.

You'll also see the timestamp for the data you're viewing. Try using the controls to pause the data stream, skip forward or backward in 5-minute increments, or jump back to the present.

Share a replay

Sharing a replay is a great way to help your team understand a problem or to show the data from an amazing customer demo.

Let's create a shareable replay link. First, use the time and date controls to navigate to the data you want to share. Click SHARE LINK in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.


Share link settings

When you're creating a share link, you can open the ADVANCED menu to configure settings for public or restricted access, data layout, start time, share length, and looping behavior.

Add a message describing what you're sharing, then click GENERATE URL. Voila! You now have a link to share with teammates, customers, or for public dashboarding.


To see what you can do with replays, check out this example:

  1. Autonomous Car Replay
    View a full-stack replay of an autonomous vehicle driving in Palo Alto, California. This replay shows a variety of sensors including multiple cameras, steering and acceleration, and varied odometry and telemetry topics.