Alerts: Severity Escalation


  1. Click Devices.
  1. Click Go To Device or the name of the device in the table row.
  1. Click Settings, then click Smart Alerts.
  1. Create a new smart or edit an existing one. In the smart alert form are the severity escalation inputs.


In the smart alert form is the ability to control the escalation strategy. For example, if you have an info level smart alert you will be presented with 3 inputs on when it should escalate to a warning, error, and/or fatal level.

In this example, Info will trigger immediately, then to warning in 10s, then to error 5s after warning. The time is relative to when the error initially triggers it is Severity Level.

A warning time can not exceed error or fatal, and an error time can not exceed fatal.

Here is an example of a warning level where the available escalations are for error and fatal. If left blank the escalation step will be ignored. So this will trigger a warning instantly and after 15s trigger an error.