Tutorial: Topic Data Bounds

In this tutorial, we will monitor a test device's battery topic to monitor the percentage.


We can navigate to Device Settings > Statistics, then create a form of type "Topic data bounds".

The following form elements can be defined as:

NameGeneric label that your users can understand to describe the statistic
DescriptionDefines the statistic is specifically for calculating outside of the range of min/max specified.
Force DenominatorThis can be left empty
Compute whenDecide if you always want to calculate the statistic or have it based on the expected available definition in the device settings.
TopicThe name of the topic can be found on the stream dashboard.
Data IndexThe path to the property you want to observe and create a statistic.
"min": number,
"max": number
Statistic attributesCan be left empty

Here is an example of the form filled out:


End Result:
You can expose this statistic in the Fleets > Zone > Statistic. For example,